Advanced Business Intelligence Architecture Issues

One full day.

Lead the Field: Learn the key topics you need to know about to build business intelligence that masters modern challenges with current capabilities

Intended Audience:

• Business intelligence and data warehouse practitioners with at least 6 months of experience
• This includes Program and Project Managers, Architects, Data Modelers, Business Analysts and Tool Specialists
• The class can be uniquely designed according to the needs of the site

Rethinking BI: Understanding the Benefits of Operational Business Intelligence

Operational vs. Strategic Decisions
The Value of Aligned and Accelerated Decisions
The Data Warehouse Conundrum
Enterprise Information Integration
Embedded Business Intelligence: Complex Event Processing, Data
Stream Processing and Business Activity Monitoring

Strategies for Consolidating Enterprise Data Warehouses and Data Marts into a Single Platform

Inefficient Information Architecture
The Program Approach
Methods of Data Mart Consolidation
Many data marts, 1 data warehouse
Many data warehouses, 1 data warehouse
Choosing survival systems
Key Findings
Keys to Data Mart Consolidation Success

Comparison of Enterprise Data Platforms

DBMS Market
The Data Warehouse Appliance
Open Source BI
On-Demand BI Platforms
Cloud BI
Setting up Shop for Success

Columnar Databases for Analytics

Database Design
Data Storage
Query Examples
The Fit of Columnar

Incorporating Syndicated Data into your Information Management environment

What is Syndicated Data
Web-based business content
Best Practices for Syndicated Data
Sourcing Syndicated Data
Case Study

Improving Data Quality

Define the Quality Expectations
Profile Data Against the Defined Expectations
Measure Data Quality Impact Across Various Thresholds
Improve Quality of Data and Improve the Business

The New Data Ecosystem

Major Information Management Strategic Trends
The continuing role for Relational Row-Oriented Data Warehouse and Data Marts
What are data streams and when they are an information store
When the right architectural answer is not to centralize everything and do data virtualisation
Understanding the rapidly growing functionality of the Big Data marketplace
The impact of big data on existing information strategies and architectures
How to get started in deploying a Big Data environment
What is NoSQL and what are the business drivers
What are Key-Value Stores, Document Stores and Graph Stores

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