Agile Project Management for Information Projects

One full day.

Learn from Success: Deliver success leading your data warehouse, MDM, big data, business intelligence or CRM project.


• Program and Project Managers, specifically for Data Warehouse, MDM, BI and CRM projects
• Senior Architects
• Key Business Partners
• The class can be uniquely designed according to the needs of the site

Making effective use of information is a central focus of organizations both large and small in our contemporary competitive landscape. Information is an asset to exploit without restrictions on accessing new data and using it to provide better insight on overcoming business challenges.

The use of agile techniques accelerates development, drives collaboration between IT and end users and ultimately conserves and maximizes budget. SCRUM, a form of agile, can maximum utilization of resource towards the important tasks.

This session, from an instructor with several active Information Management project SCRUMS, outlines the modern components of information project management and helps participants understand how these innovations can be put to work in today’s ever more complex IT environment.

This class is for people with zero to little exposure to agile approaches in practice, but are chartered with project leadership responsibility and wish to investigate, or are mandated to, adopt sprint approaches.

SCRUM can be dogmatic. The instructor will bring it to its valuable essence and still believes the bottom line is delivering success leading your data warehouse, MDM, business intelligence or big data project.

You will learn:

  • The problems with the traditional approach to information projects
  • What is SCRUM?
  • SCRUM terms and their applicability to information projects
  • How to guide the writing of successful user stories
  • How to effectively build the project backlog
  • How to run the daily SCRUM meetings
  • How to organize sprints for maximum utilization of resource towards the important tasks
  • How to have a sprint retrospective
  • What makes a good agile team member and help with the transition from waterfall
  • SCRUM project roles
  • Product, Release and Sprint interaction and planning
  • Elements of SCRUM more and less applicable to information management projects

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