For most of the last decade, you had to have a big data storyline in your pitch if you wanted to secure venture capital. Now artificial intelligence must be part of your pitch. Rather than viewing AI as a passing trend, you must see it as part of the accumulating trends in the Information Age.

The current abundance of data is what propelled AI to where it is today — on a vaunted seat at the table of the future. The Internet of Things and augmented reality are leading disciplines in the data-generation process. With data volumes increasing at an accelerating pace, the more AI can learn about nuances and subtle factors in the human experience the better. With the proper set up and algorithms, AI has mastered games and activities at a remarkable pace. Now it’s time to apply AI to enterprise data.

With more data, AI can detect and react to more nuanced and anomalous situations. Here are three common AI techniques you’ll be taking advantage of in the future — a near future if you have the data!

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