Artificial Intelligence Accelerator

When determining where to apply artificial intelligence in your enterprise, the possibilities are quite broad. In the coming years, almost every new and updated application will depend on some form of AI. For example, you might introduce AI in:

— The products you make and the services you offer

— The supply chain for those products and services

— Business operations (hiring, procurement, after-sale service, etc.)

— The intelligence used in determining and designing your product and service set

— The intelligence used in the marketing/approval funnel for your products and services

Effectively matching AI to the challenges in these business areas requires you to understand what AI does better than a human and better than human-controlled business intelligence.

AI is great at enabling deep analysis when the massive amount of data would otherwise inhibit analysis or not meet performance expectations.

Let MCG help you find the right focus for AI in your enterprise, starting with those aspects of your business and initiatives that align with AI’s emerging core strengths.

Let MCG help you prepare for AI, where the foundation is data. You must have enough data to analyze to build models. Your data determines the depth of AI you can achieve — for example, statistical modeling, machine learning, or deep learning — and its accuracy. The increased availability of data is the single biggest contributor to the massive uptake in AI where it is thriving.