This category of data is known by several names: streaming, messaging, live feeds, real-time, event-driven, and so on. This type of data needs special attention, because delayed processing can and will negatively affect its value—a sudden price change, a critical threshold met, an anomaly detected, a sensor reading changing rapidly, an outlier in a log file—all can be of immense value to a decision maker, but only if he or she is alerted in time to affect the outcome.

We will introduce and demonstrate a method for an organization to assess and benchmark—for their own current and future uses and workloads—the technologies currently available. We will begin by reviewing the landscape of streaming data and message queueing technology. They are alike in purpose—process massive amounts of streaming data generated from social media, logging systems, clickstreams, Internet-of-Things devices, and so forth. However, they also have a few distinctions, strengths, and weaknesses.

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