Big Data

As companies advance their capabilities to utilize every piece of information possible, they are striving to get all information under management. This includes the “big data” of sensor, webclick, social, complete logs, etc. Many have limited their big data to subsets put into data warehouses and other relational structures. The Cloud Storage, Hadoop and NoSQL worlds provide cost advantages to those companies who can make the mindshift necessary for adoption.

McKnight’s Big Data Services are designed for organizations that want to harness big data, but do it in such a way that the solution:

  • Works with enterprise standards while incrementally expanding them
  • Will not “hit a wall” when it inevitably needs to integrate with existing information infrastructure
  • Can be taken to real production in the enterprise
  • Is an informed technology fit


McKnight will analyze your needs and provide expert advice across the process, people, and technology that drive big data and are so critical to its success. We bring over 10 years of enterprise information management success, an enterprise eye and broad Cloud, Hadoop and NoSQL solution expertise to big data.

An Action Plan is developed with emphasis on your focus topics, issues and needs. Facilitated interviews are conducted with the project team, users, IT and business management, support groups and prospective user constituents. Specifications, models, code, and other relevant information are analyzed in the process. The plan is developed, presented, understood and the actions are refined and planned for.

Within each plan, topics of particular interest or relevance may be addressed to a greater or lesser degree. The action plan will cover the following:

  • Architecture: System design, data flows, timing, and data model
  • Technology: Platform, tools, and technical considerations
  • Process: Governance, standards, testing and change control, security, training, support, ROI measurement and analytics
  • Organization: Roles and responsibilities, internal and external service level agreements


McKnight offers complete end-to-end big data development. From day one, we look for big data to co-exist in the enterprise with existing infrastructure. Also, business involvement is a hallmark of our implementations.

We utilize the SCRUM methodology to ensure quick and scalable delivery of function in programs that consistently deliver business value, not just technology or promises.


The Big Data world is comprised of numerous subcategories and distributions. Despite similarities, the divergences are many. We’ll analyze your workload and your goals and help or run your decision process.

We can deliver proof of concepts, delivering clusters with a reference architecture.


We offer a half-day introduction to Big Data and NoSQL solutions, with content influenced by your situation, for those who want to enable a common and broad understanding of Big Data and NoSQL solutions. We call it “The New Data Ecosystem.”