Companies rely on analytical databases for insights essential to the company survival and competitive advantage. The cloud can provide improved economics and operational simplicity, but choosing the most performant and cost-effective cloud data analytics solution is critical.

This third-party report from McKnight Consulting Group uses industry-standard benchmark principles to evaluate the performance of three cloud-optimized analytical platforms architected for the separation of compute and storage – Vertica in Eon Mode, Amazon Redshift, and an unnamed cloud data platform.

Read the report to learn how Vertica in Eon Mode:

  • Achieves best performance in all benchmark tests for scale and concurrency
  • Runs the most queries per hour, at every level of scale and concurrency
  • Cuts performance costs 45% – 73% over Amazon Redshift
  • Slashes performance costs 84% – 92% over the unnamed data cloud platform

Available here.

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