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Communication Services Giants Turn to MCG for Comprehensive Analytics Frameworks.

The communications service provider (CSP) industry has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years. The traditional model of competing on subscription plans is no longer an adequate business strategy. Since most internal systems were built with this model in mind, these environments, with non-enriched, non- integrated, and latent data, fit for after-the-fact reporting, are struggling to keep up with the changes.

We believe:

  • Three main pillars epitomize the competitive environment in telecommunications today: stagnating or declining average revenue per user (ARPU), over-the-top (OTT) competition, and marginalized profits.
  • The enriched, integrated, timely, and all-inclusive data known as analytical data forms the basis for telco competition today.
  • Key benefits of big data analytics in telecommunications companies include more-accurate capex planning, the creation of new revenue sources, a reduction in opex, and more-precise marketing, upsell, and resell opportunities and the ability to improve the customer experience.
  • Telco competitive requirements include customizing marketing messages, analyzing call-detail records, proactive equipment servicing, infrastructure investment protection, context-sensitive bandwidth allocation, and product development.
  • Meeting the performance requirements necessitates a comprehensive big data analytics framework, which includes enterprise data warehousing, analytic databases, data integration, scale-out architectures, and real-time stream processing.
  • Those telcos transitioning to SDN, SON, and NFV technologies will find that streaming analytics can support and optimize their investments.

Like other customer-sensitive businesses, telcos have an enormous opportunity to transform their companies into data-driven organizations. They sit on a wealth of data that can lead to innovative services and offerings.

Examples of analytics that MCG has enabled to support telcos in a modern competitive arena:

  • Advertisement catalog and efficacy
  • Anticipated impact of network ?degradation on high-value customers
  • Cell-site reach
  • Customer categorizations such as promotion shopper
  • Customer interests, explicit and imputed
  • Customer movements
  • Customer network of influence (on other customers)
  • Customer price sensitivity
  • Customer relationships to other ?providers and their users
  • Customer satisfaction metrics, explicit and imputed
  • Customer trouble ticket metrics
  • Derived product customizations of interest by customer
  • Extensive customer-device information
  • High-traffic locations and network- congestion metrics
  • Likelihood of uptake of a SIM offer
  • Network-performance data
  • Package-design efficacy by customer profile
  • Predicted customer usage
  • Propensity to churn
  • Service-level agreement (SLA) conformance by customer
  • Usage transactions by customer

MCG’s end-to-end Communications Services Provider Data Practice helps our clients to solve these challenges and meet regulatory challenges to become more fast and flexible.

MCG enables company-wide collaboration, as data management and analytics are no longer just the responsibility of IT. MCG Global Services delivers:

  • Data Warehouses And Analytic Workloads On Modern Platforms
  • Big Data Environments Capturing Complete Call Data
  • Fully-Functional Data Governance Programs
  • Important Data Mastered By Master Data Management
  • Useful Business Intelligence Solutions – Promoted And Used Throughout The Organization

MCG has the skills and technical know-how to assist you in attaining your goals of defining and implementing the Communications Services Provider information management architecture that will deliver short-term wins and long‑term value.

Representative Long-Term Clients: France Telecommunications (France, Switzerland, Denmark), Pinger, TeliaSonera (Sweden), Verizon