The world of data is rapidly changing. Data is the prime foundational component of any meaningful corporate initiative. The means to manage the prime asset of data is a key decision point being made continually in competitive organizations. Incorporating new information into this process is required, and tradeoffs must be considered.

It is a fascinating, explosive time for data architecture. The two key drivers of the market today are the explosive growth of data science and cloud computing. It is a mix that includes preparing data for artificial intelligence and machine learning, which cannot happen without cloud computing.A large part of the growth can be traced to integrating the cloud into data architecture-related products. Cloud use has become paramount to corporate efficiencies, and those solutions that embody a solution tightly integrated with the cloud provide the most value.

However, this is only the beginning of the journey to data engineering as the embodiment of what is to come in enterprise data architecture trends for 2019.

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