Let Us Help You Process and Secure All Your Patients’ Data

MCG Global Services is uniquely positioned to help healthcare companies advance their data strategies and transform their information into a powerful asset.

Perhaps in no other industry, at any other time, is there such a need for information management as there is in healthcare today.

Some forward-thinking organizations in healthcare have seized upon the opportunity and have improved their access to clean patient, provider and outcome metrics. Some have created an evidence-based culture.

Success in healthcare depends on providing effective member care while effectively managing providers and expanding the product set. Leading healthcare companies have chosen MCG to significantly improve their information management.

Consider what applications MCG’s information management has enabled for healthcare organizations:

  • Single View Of The Patient
  • Care Provisioning
  • Clinical Research Data Science
  • Staffing Level Optimization
  • Billing Accuracy
  • Optimize Treatment Regimens
  • Optimize Claims Routing
  • Provider Ranking And Profiling
  • Referral Program Effectiveness
  • Occupancy Rates Maximization
  • Patient Safety Improvement
  • Preparation for ICD-10

MCG’s end-to-end Healthcare Data Practice helps our clients to solve these challenges and meet regulatory challenges to become more fast and flexible.

MCG enables company-wide collaboration, as data management and analytics are no longer just the responsibility of IT. MCG Global Services delivers:

  • Data Warehouses And Analytic Workloads On Modern Platforms
  • Big Data Environments Capturing Hospital And Part Sensor Data
  • Fully-Functional Data Governance Programs
  • Important Data Mastered By Master Data Management
  • Useful Business Intelligence Solutions – Promoted And Used Throughout The Organization

MCG has the skills and technical know-how to assist you in attaining your goals of defining and implementing the healthcare information management architecture that will deliver short-term wins and long-term value.

MCG is the information management partner (2014-2015) to 3 of the biggest health-care companies in the Fortune 500 and many others in the related fields of Insurance and Pharmaceuticals. Our founder is a former award-winning head of Information Technology information Management at a large healthcare company.