This week, Informatica added Cloud Data Governance and Catalog to its data management-as-a-service portfolio. In doing so, Informatica has reengineered several components of its portfolio to be cloud-native and bundled these components that include Data Cataloging/Discovery, Business Glossary and Data Governance into Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), sold in a consumption-based model.

The reengineering included making Cloud Data Governance and Catalog cloud-native, architecting them with a microservices architecture, creating a better flow of metadata through the components and unifying capabilities and search results across tools. The new capabilities include the ability to govern AI/ML models along with the data that feeds the models.Having the capabilities of all these tools in one interface provides an enterprise with unprecedented convenient insight into what is likely an increasingly complex environment. The new interface is also enabled with more natural language query capabilities.

For more on data integration, please see The MCG Enterprise Contribution Ranking Report for Cloud Data Management and Integration for Cloud Data Warehouses and Data Lakes.

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