Information Management Maturity Curve Assessment

One full day.

Lead the Field: Learn the key topics you need to know about to raise your data maturity. An increase in data maturity correlates to an increase in business success.

Maturity frameworks have varying levels of data management maturity. Each level corresponds to not only increased data maturity, but also increased organizational maturity and bottom-line ROI. There are recommended targets to achieve an effective information management program. The speaker’s maturity framework sequences the information management activities for your consideration. It is based on real client roadmaps. Information Management Maturity Curve Assessment is a wealth of ideas for key quick wins to benefit the organization’s information management program.

While many organizations allocate budget to projects, the execution of the information projects (data warehouse, master data management, big data, analytics) provides innumerable decision points every day. It doesn’t take longer to make the best long-lasting decision. It takes know-how, which will be communicated in Information Management Maturity Curve Assessment.

Students will self-assess their current information management capabilities in the class as we go through data strategy, organization, architecture, and technology, yielding an overall view of the current level of information management maturity.

Information Management Maturity Curve Assessment provides a foundation for enhancing current capabilities and updating the strategy and plans for achievement of improved information management maturity, aligned with major initiatives.

You Will Learn

  • How to move your Data CMM forward while satisfying business need
  • The importance of, and tips on, assigning workloads to their best platform, including introductions to Hadoop, NoSQL, Columnar Databases, MDM, In-Memory Databases, etc.
  • What maturing data strategy, technology, architecture and organization look like
  • The sequencing of activities in achieving information maturity
  • Where your knowledge deficiencies may be in leading your organization, and therefore what to learn more of

Geared To project managers, business sponsors, business data owners, lead architects; anyone with a role that contributes to information strategy; Data managers and leaders seeking to increase the value and business impact of information; business analysts; chief data officers

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