Introduction to Big Data

One full day.

Big data is going well beyond the initial group of Silicon Valley “new economiers”, many of which helped launch the industry, and the new media industries. The landscape is expanding to the automakers, big finance, big insurance companies, telecommunications, healthcare companies and big retailers, but challenges remain.

In this informative technical session full of the “need to know” for anyone involved in an enterprise data landscape, learn from experienced enterprise information strategists at McKnight Consulting Group of the path that big data is on, the obstacles and the way forward.  Learn the players in the technology landscape and the ideal workloads for big data in enterprises.  Learn where big data adds value to an existing enterprise information strategy and how to get the projects started and dropping the “not in production” label.

This session addresses the technical community as well as the user community, providing guidance on how to penetrate and benefit the enterprise.  This practical session will help you make the most of big data and make the best choices to ensure information remains an unparalleled corporate asset.

You Will Learn:

  • A workable definition of big data so you know it when you see it
  • Drivers for big data
  • Big data in the enterprise
  • The Hadoop framework for analytical big data
  • NoSQL and operational big data
  • An overall information architecture with big data

Course Outline:

  • Big Data Definition
  • Big Data Drivers
  • Big Data for the Enterprise
  • The Hadoop Ecosystem
  • NoSQL databases
  • Enterprise Architecture with Big Data

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