Introduction to NoSQL

One full day.

In this informative session, learn about the emerging class of NoSQL technologies that can be used to manage operational big data. Understand the ideal workloads for NoSQL in managing enterprise data, and where NoSQL adds value to an enterprise information strategy.

Find out how to get projects started, and how to drop the “not in production” label to position NoSQL as part of your production toolbox for data management.

This “code-lite” session addresses the NoSQL community as well as the key user community, providing guidance on how NoSQL technologies work and how to position them in the enterprise. This practical session will help you add a significant class of technologies into consideration to ensure information remains an unparalleled corporate asset.

You Will Learn
Big data basics
Enablers for NoSQL
NoSQL data models: key-value, document, graph
NoSQL usage patterns
NoSQL database architectures

Geared To

Anyone with a SQL background who is interested, curious, or even skeptical about the role and value of NoSQL technologies.

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