Our services span strategy through implementation for turning information into the asset it needs to be for your organization. We offer a wide range of services related to the important asset of enterprise information.

We tend to take a different approach to information management than what you would usually find. We target business goals.

We have some of the broadest information management experiences, successes, industry-leading exposures and thought and the ability to clearly communicate it all with all levels of your team. We focus on process and organizational aspects and leave a more empowered team.

We have a proven, streamlined methodology, the Information Management Program Management Methodology, that we adapt for a client’s specific needs. Our services are an infusion of thought-provoking ideas and actionable recommendations,­ both of the low-hanging-fruit variety and of the long-term-strategic type.  Our deliveries are from recent, applied experience.

Our ability to provide valuable solutions to our clients is rooted in our strategic alliances with best-of-breed technology vendors. Our goal is to identify vendors with innovative potential that keep us aware of direction while we maintain vendor independence. Through our network of relationships, we have insight into underlying architecture, product development roadmaps, advance notice and beta testing of new releases, and significant levels of training and technical support that allow us to respond quickly to our clients needs.

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2-Week Data Initiative Jumpstart

Cloud Analytic Database Proof-of-Concept

Information Management Action Plan
Data Warehousing and Analytics
Big Data
Master Data Management
Predictive Analytics Accelerator
Compliance Accelerator
Artificial Intelligence Accelerator
Data Platform Selection
Enterprise Business Intelligence Architecture
Education and Workshops
Vendor Enablement Services