William likes to speak to organizations who want an informed perspective on how information is profoundly affecting business and life and are seeking empowerment.

A fixture in technology speaking circles for 20 years, with information grabbing the headlines and becoming a part of all aspects of organizational strategy, William is bringing his exposure in the fields of big data and analytics to all organizations.

He speaks to audiences of dozens to thousands and…

• His background as a corporate educator comes through in a passion to inform
• Is a consultant first, who also speaks
• Customizes each speech for the audience

See here for recent presentations. These are some more of his selected topics:

Who’s Watching You? What They Learn And How They Can Use It

Controversy is raging about the clandestine gathering of electronic information by the U.S. intelligence community. Private enterprises have been collecting and sharing massive amounts of data for a decade and possibly so too has the government. Data is as important in 2013 to individuals as is where they live and what their diet is. Go past the headlines and learn how data is collected, what is collected and used and what some potential future uses of this data are.

Big Data, Big Profits

Every 2 Days, the earth creates as much information as it did up to 2003. Businesses need to make sense of this explosion of data, especially newer forms of data like web traffic data, social network comments, sensor data and more to guide decisions, trim costs, lift sales and expand into new markets. Most people have heard of big data, but let William McKnight welcome your audience to the age of Big Data.

10 Critical Technologies and Trends That Will Change the World in the Next 10 Years

While everyone is aware that technological change is happening all around them, it can be difficult to have depth of exposure to all of them. The use of emerging, disruptive technologies such as context-aware mobile apps and sensor technology along with the proliferation of public and private clouds are commanding organizations to assess and manage the impact these technologies may have on their business. Idea generation can go up exponentially when the possibilities are understood.

The Power to Predict – How Analytics Will Impact Your Future

When it comes to seeing the business landscape to make process change or to strive for maximum profitability, derived from customer- and product-specific catering, companies need forward-facing data. Companies must know a future that they can intervene into and change. Companies must know a future that they can turn it in a more profitable direction. Learn how companies compete with their analytic prowess, what is involved and how this ‘data science’ is dramatically changing the nature of business competition.

The Internet for Everything

The Internet of Everything (IoE) creates $14.4 trillion in “Value at Stake” – the combination of increased revenues and lower costs that is created or will migrate among companies and industries, from 2013 to 2022. At this level, the IoE would seem to be the difference between success and failure for most every economy participant in the next decade. It’s an internet that is slowly becoming an internet for everything as the data for many things is moved there.

William has spoken on 4 continents for a diverse collection of organizations including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Bank of America, Orange S.A., SAP and many others. He has consulted to 18 of the Global 2000. He is the author of “Information Management: Strategies for Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Data”, about making smart decisions for getting company information activated to the fullest and “90 Days to Success in Consulting“.

To download William’s Speaker One Sheet, click here. A video of William’s speaking can be found here.

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