Modernizing And Advancing Information Management Across The Enterprise

Information management is key to business growth. It is a competitive advantage with the same merit as product knowledge and inventory availability. These once-held corporate competitive advantages are now considered tickets to entry and rather indistinguishable. Regulatory protections are largely gone, and when comparing your company’s features and functions, demo parity is the norm, especially within the larger industries.

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Data Warehouse Solutions For Achieving Compliance And Managing Operational Risk

Risky derivatives investments by major banks gone bad — really bad, as in billions of dollars bad — and unencrypted data tapes from two major U.S. financial institutions going missing while being transferred to backup centers are types of incidents which make it clear that appropriate safeguards are not in place in our enterprises.

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Healthcare Business Intelligence: The Time is (Still) Now

In “Building Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence in Healthcare Today” featured in the May 2005 issue of Information Management, William McKnight stated, “Perhaps in no other industry, at any other time, was there such a need for business intelligence as there is in healthcare today.” Well, it’s two years later; and while we have moved the needle forward a little, by and large that statement remains true, only more pronounced. Some forward-thinking organizations in healthcare have seized upon the opportunity and have improved their access to clean and correct patient, provider and outcome metrics. Some have become the evidence-based culture mentioned then. But far too often, entrenched information is found in silos and conservative cultures are working against progress.

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