Vendor Enablement Services

William is the #1 global influencer in big data, #1 in data center, #1 in cloud, #7 in analytics (Thinkers 360) and on the top list for master data management (Onalytica) in 2022.


  • Credible content aligned to your client’s interests
  • Objective advice based on decades of data experience
  • Flexible delivery schedules to meet your timelines
  • A brand name with integrity your prospects and clients can trust

In the information management market standing out from your competition is challenging. Product differentiation and market messages are becoming difficult to distinguish in the increasingly crowded market. We are here to help.

As business-savvy entrepreneurs with deep technical expertise, our hands-on experience sitting in your buyer’s shoes offers a compelling advantage. Put us to work for you.


  • Cloud Data Warehouses
  • Big Data/NoSQL/Hadoop/Cloud Storage/Data Lakes
  • Graph Databases
  • Master Data Management/Data Governance/Data Quality
  • Enterprise Streaming
  • Data Integration/Data Prep
  • Containerization
  • Syndicated Data
  • Mobile Business Intelligence/IoT Databases
  • Application Programming Interfaces
  • Programming/Data Science
  • DevOps/MLOps
  • Application Security
  • Kubernetes Container Storage Interfaces
  • In-Memory/Cache Solutions
  • Cognitive Search


We have helped dozens of technology organizations reach new audiences, secure additional funding, and reduce sales cycles. We offer a wide range of deliverables that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Please note we must agree on your value proposition to the market.

  • Keynote/Webinar Presentations – Online & In-Person – Great turnouts.
  • White Paper Development – Use our unique voice to talk about a theme important to you and tie your product to it.
  • Benchmark Services – We’ve done 30+ benchmarks; TPCs, others; databases (analytical, operational) and related (lake, integration, APIs, etc.). Impactful.
  • Day in the Life of Report – We go from zero to production and document the steps, creating comfort for the buyer to make the next step.
  • Teardown – Comparing and grading vs. competition across 50 +/- factors. Ideal for building product roadmaps.
  • Competitive Education – We teach vendor competitive teams about the competition with ½ day – 1 day hands-on workshops per competitor.
  • Technical Specification Development – i.e., Deployment Guide, Best Practices Guide, Reference Architecture.
  • Test Drives for demonstrations/booth – We build real-world relatable test drives/demos you can use to show off features or performance.
  • *NEW* McKnight Enterprise Contribution Ranking Report – We’re taking an industry and assessing market leaders against critical capabilities of the market. Industries available for prioritizing research.
  • Total Addressable Market Report.

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“McKnight brought a wealth of business insight and provided an insightful and actionable integrated analysis of our environment. McKnight’s forward thinking and understanding of implementing systems like ours proved invaluable to our product direction. McKnight’s marketing focus and Business sense have helped shaped our product focus directly on solving true Business pain. McKnight’s attentiveness to detail and quick response to our needs was most impressive.”

Product Manager, Aspect

“We engaged McKnight to provide architecture and strategic services for our packaged data mart product, comprising data feeds from call center, workforce management, customer relationship management, and quality management software systems.

The deliverables in the areas of architecture, technology selection, source system analysis, specification of the data acquisition and data mart design were excellent. They were timely, efficient, well-documented and understandable and showed progress towards the ultimate goal. Their style includes open communication, project rigor and risk management not found with a lot of consultancies.

Strategically, McKnight’s understanding of the market and building, implementing and using systems like ours proved priceless to our product direction.”

Vice President, Verint

“We engaged McKnight to train our services and sales staff on the latest best practices in data warehousing. Among the topics were measuring and attaining return on investment and building out a strategic data warehouse program as opposed to non-scalable point solutions.

McKnight delivered relevant, impactful training and consulting to our services and sales staff. The experience demonstrated was at the highest levels of consultancy. As a result, we are changing our business practices to create more measurable win-win programmatic, systemic business intelligence solutions for our clients.”

Vice President, IBM