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We provide strategy & implementation to make data a competitive asset. We are experts in Data Architecture, Databases including Vector, Data Integration&Streaming, Data Maturity, Analytics/Data Warehousing, Big Data, Data Governance/Quality & Data Observability, Master Data Management, & Data DevOps.

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Are you planning a data-intensive initiative? Targeted Marketing, Predictive Maintenance, Internet-of-Things, Customer Retention or most any other modern initiative are data-intensive. Their success is largely dependent on access to high-performing, high-quality, supported and understandable data. You may be planning to build or improve a leverageable platform such as a data lake or a data warehouse to support the initiative. 



Are you planning to launch a cloud data warehouse, a Big Data/NoSQL/Hadoop/Cloud Storage/Data Lake structure, Master Data Management, or a Data Integration/Prep/Streaming project? These need to be built to give users and applications access to high-performing, high-quality, supported and understandable data, and need to built as agile. This agile need means producing an MVP (minimum viable product) or Proof of Concept (POC), with the ability to expand from there.



McKnight Consulting Group will analyze your needs and provide expert advice across the process, people, and technology that drive your organization and are so critical to its success. MCG has built over 50 Information Management Action Plans for our clients and contributed to business successes worldwide.



One of the most important decisions you will make about your data is which platform to store it in. This is, by a good measure, the technical decision with the most leverage in the program for years to come.



An Increase in Data Maturity Correlates to an increase in business success. Each level of maturity corresponds to not only increased data maturity, but also increased organizational maturity and bottom-line ROI. There are recommended targets to achieve an effective data management program. We provide a foundation for enhancing current capabilities and updating the strategy and plans for achievement of improved data management maturity, aligned with major initiatives.

Build the Leveragable Data Structures Your Company Needs



The data warehouse is at the heart of the information centric organization. It enables better, faster decision making by consolidating enterprise data into a single accessible environment.



As data volumes and platforms increase, organizations struggle to keep the data that drives their business synchronized with their many applications. Also, many companies struggle to maintain some of the data that is most critical to their operations and analytics—master data.



As companies advance their capabilities to utilize every piece of information possible, they are striving to get all information under management. This includes the “big data” of sensor, webclick, social, complete logs, etc.

For Vendors



Our Benchmark reports help buyers make informed decisions based on rigorous, hands-on testing. The Benchmark focus can be on Performance, Total-Cost-of-Ownership, Ease-of-Use, Functionality, Time-to-Value or Energy Consumption. They can be competitive or solo, published or internal. We can also create comfort for the buyer with your value proposition with our "Day in the Life Of" research. We’ve done 50+ benchmarks: databases (analytical, operational), data lake, data integration, APIs, AI, data science, Kubernetes, security, search, others. They are hugely impactful.



We build competitive analysis that highlights the value propositions and challenges of the competitors. We provide McKnight Enterprise Contribution Ranking Reports, McKnight Vital Indicators for Measuring Enterprise Contribution, McKnight Vital Indicators Compliance Assessment, and Industry Teardowns. We help companies understand and navigate their competitive landscape. We offer in-house Competitive Workshops for your competitive, product and sales teams on the cloud data warehouse, Big Data/NoSQL/Hadoop/Cloud Storage/Data Lake, Master Data Management, and Data Integration/Prep/Streaming markets.



Do you need a demonstration built to highlight the increasingly important capabilities organizations need for managing modern data uses and empowering digital strategies, and the capabilities of your product for solving the challenges? These are useful as website-based demonstrations or as a sales enablement tool. They are used in conference booths or as a critical data point in your product roadmap.



In the information management market standing out from your competition is challenging. Product differentiation and market messages are becoming difficult to distinguish in the increasing crowded market. Using our unique voice, we'll talk about a theme important to you and the market and tie your product to it, as merited by our expertise. 

For Your Audience



William likes to speak to organizations who want an informed perspective on how information is profoundly affecting business and life and are seeking empowerment. A fixture in technology speaking circles for 25 years, with information grabbing the headlines and becoming a part of all aspects of organizational strategy and society, William is bringing his exposure in the fields of big data and analytics to all organizations. His background as a corporate educator comes through in a passion to inform. He is a consultant first, who also speaks, and he customizes each speech for the audience.

Our Clients

We have led these clients into advanced analytics, big data, the
cloud, agile methodology, and ROI delivery.

McKnight Consulting group
McKnight Consulting group


We engaged McKnight Consulting Group to strategize and build customer master data management for our insurance company. They were extremely efficient and thorough in their approach. We went from a vague idea to all our customer records under management in production in 3 months. MCG built out the integration with third-party data sources and the data warehouse and the APIs with diverse homegrown and commercial products. They built the portal, the workflows and the matching strategy, always staying well connected to the user community and our emerging data governance, which they helped groom as well. They focused on production (and QA) from day one so that when the development was ready, it was ready to be migrated. I highly recommend MCG for any data management initiative.

Toby Cihla, Vice President of Data Architecture, Lio Insurance

MCG built our data management strategy and ran a master data management proof of concept. They did an excellent job. The application of their impressive expertise was outstanding. They had a solid methodological approach that was not constrained by orthodoxy, and they were able to reach into our organization and provide real leadership. Their business model of true data leaders for a finite time frame, considering strategy as step one in a journey to production business success and knowledge transfer, was perfect for us and for anyone. I highly recommend MCG when it comes to monetizing your corporate data. They are the experts at master data, analytical data, and data strategy.

- Director, Enterprise Architecture, Large Healthcare Company

"McKnight Consulting Group assisted us with recommending an analytic platform for a research database and developing detailed plans for integration into the environment (data sourcing, data quality, data modeling, data usage), including developing the business plan. The project is intended to enable leveraging of research data in an innovative way and is meant to and improve long-term knowledge generation about complex biological systems. We could not afford to take many false steps and needed advice and architecture from a trusted industry leader. During our association, we have learned many techniques as it relates to the management and the value realization of information. Without reservation, I endorse McKnight Consulting Group."

- Alrun Burgmeier, Bioinformatics Scientist, BASF Plant Science LP

"American Credit Acceptance contracted with McKnight Consulting Group for one of their Information Management Action Plans in the areas of Master Data Management and Data Warehousing. We were very impressed with their deep expertise in Information Management domains and their ability to work with our business information owners to distill current state knowledge and produce viable plans for the future. What was especially impressive was their sense of ownership and genuine desire to assist us in reaching our information management maturation goals. They kept informing us that they were helping to build out our information management strategy and starting us on the journey to information success as an end result. I sincerely value what McKnight Consulting brings to the table and wholeheartedly recommend a McKnight Consulting Group Action Plan to help take your information management capabilities and maturation to the next level."

- Yemi Mateola, Director IT, Enterprise Architecture, American Credit Acceptance

"We engaged McKnight to fortify and mature our data governance program at TDAmeritrade. Data is our key asset, so we needed consulting that was reputable, experienced, and would be delivered with excellence. Poor data policies and poor data come with a great cost, and we could not afford the time or cost of working with anything less than the best. When it comes to data, McKnight is just that. McKnight led us through the development of data policies, metadata, a data quality program, data governance roles (and training), all the while making sure we were addressing challenges and problems with discrete business purposes. With McKnight's help, we built big data capabilities and master data management. McKnight has an unparalleled reputation for excellence as consultants, educators, and analysts. This is not without merit. McKnight is knowledgeable at the highest levels for data, but more importantly, they understand the dynamics of modern, large companies and what it takes to really move the needle. I strongly endorse McKnight Consulting Group."

- Derek Strauss, Chief Data Officer, TD Ameritrade

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