Compact’s metadata connectivity capabilities will enrich the Informatica Data Catalog portfolio to reach more types of enterprise data, including legacy mainframes, databases, data warehouses, data lakes, code and scripting languages, enterprise and modern cloud apps, analytic apps, ETL tools, BI and statistical tools, and more. Compact’s scanners will also add expanded metadata management.

Compact Solutions has deep connectivity to 25 important sources of metadata. Informatica will call these acquired scanners “Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) Advanced Scanners”. With the acquisition, Informatica extends their metadata connectivity to include these 25 metadata sources such as language parsing (e.g. Teradata BTEQ, PL/SQL, SQLServer TSQL, Cobol), BI and Analytic Apps (e.g. SAS, MSFT Reporting Services), complex systems (e.g mainframe), 3rd party ETL tools (SAP Data Services, IBM Datastage, ODI Data Integrator, MSFT SSIS), stored procedures for Oracle and SQL Server, SAP BW and BW/4HANA (SAP scanners built by Informatica), and more.

Compact Solutions also has technology to parse database programming languages to extract metadata. For all customers, this code is typically a black box and a major gap in detailed lineage required for governance, analytics and migration use cases. Compact Solutions also features automatic Lineage Extraction from static and dynamic code like parameterized stored procedures, and dynamic SQL generated at runtime based on parameter values passed from other stored procedures.

With the acquisition of Compact Solutions, and their MetaDex offering, Informatica is extending their catalog across all enterprise data with broad metadata connectivity and w/ comprehensive and detailed data lineage.  Lineage has been enhanced with Compact’s automatic lineage extraction from code embedded in ETL Processes. Many customers have a large amount of SQL embedded in their ETL code. With advanced scanners, EDC will support automatically extracting lineage from embedded SQL as well.

Informatica’s vision is to be the “Catalog of Catalogs” – accessing the system specific catalogs like AWS has Glue and Azure Data Catalog. Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog can tap into and scan these catalogs to integrate their metadata content with the rest of the enterprise metadata.

Informatica has closed gaps through this acquisition towards having the most comprehensive metadata scanning capabilities and end-to-end detailed lineage across all types of data.

McKnight Consulting Group