Chief data officers are becoming pretty popular these days. We are (carefully) recommending them in about half of the strategies from our consultancy. Of course, anyone with a C-title is expected to formulate a “first 100 days” strategy, hit the ground running, and ultimately make a difference.

However, organizational factors can work against a new executive, rendering even the best hire ineffective and frustrated with organizations attaining no upward movement in their data maturity and coming no closer to being “data-driven.” If your organization is in the process of hiring a CDO or thinking about it, take heed. Don’t look for a CDO as a reaction to keep parity with marketplace peers and create a checkmark accomplishment. Many will apply and take the job whether it is set up for success or not.

Below I explain four precautions you can take to ensure your new CDO will make a positive impact for your enterprise. The best candidates will look for these factors in the hiring process.

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