I had a great time of learning and sharing at Teradata Partners this week. Teradata made a lot of announcements.

The biggest news for me was that the Teradata database will be available on the AWS Markeplace in Q1 2016, with additional public clouds to follow in 2016. This is a significant move in decoupling the Teradata database software from the underlying hardware platform and will broaden its available market.

The new Teradata Listener is for capturing streaming data for the IoT world, with a variety of sources and targets already in place.

I also like that the 6800 Active Enterprise Data Warehouse has opened up much more data to the Teradata Intelligent Memory feature. The 6800 has larger SSDs holding four times the hot data than before with 14 core instead of 12 core and a 1.6 terabyte SSD drives option. The 1800 Big Data Platform, also received a refresh. The 1800 is mostly deployed for massive amounts of web logs.

There is a new UDA (Unified Data Architecture) Appliance incorporating Hadoop, Teradata and Aster. This will save on floor space for those needing manageable space on all 3 platforms.

Aster is now available on Hadoop, making it even easier for Teradata customers to get into Aster’s analytic capabilities by leveraging infrastructure quite possibly already present. YARN will handle the resource management. Aster still runs on its hardware and in the Teradata Cloud.

The anticipated redirect of the Hadapt team to Presto, an open source distributed SQL query engine, is paying off with a user-friendly interface and ODBC/JBDC drivers. QueryGrid was also extended to run Presto.

Finally, Teradata announced managed services for Hadoop to address the skill challenge that continues to hamper Hadoop adoption.

Overall, Teradata has pushed a lot of chips forward on Hadoop in the past year and clearly has moved many balls forward in strategic and unsurprising ways, except for the speed of development. Teradata is a player in open source, in the cloud and most definitely in commodity hardware. Teradata is now everywhere data needs to go.

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